How to Meet the Pope

Jeffery Mohlman got the opportunity to meet with the Pope when he chaperoned the St. Paul’s High School Youth Group in Yellow Springs, OH, to Germany. Meeting the Pope, let alone seeing him in person is not an experience that everyone gets to have in life. However, when the opportunity presents itself, no matter an individual’s religion, the experience is one that will be remembered for a lifetime.

A general papal audience is held on Wednesday’s in Rome. This gives the pilgrims and visitors a chance to “See the Pope” and receive the Papal or apostolic blessing from the successor of the Apostle Peter during their visit. The amount of people that travel for the audience is immense, as a result of this, tickets need to be reserved way ahead of time. This can be done by telephone or a web form on the official website.

This is the closes that a member of the general population will get to meeting the Pope, unless, they, like Jeffery Mohlman have the opportunity to go with an official group that had a meeting planned in advance. Meeting the Pope will have religious significance for only individuals who have Christian inclinations. Otherwise, it will just be like meeting a great and pious individual who was chosen to be the head of the Catholic Church, who does many good deeds and is God’s representation on earth.