Charlie Hebdo Articles

On Wednesday, January 7, a terrible tragedy happened in Paris. Today, you will learn the details of the event. Today we will look at the facts. Tomorrow, we will look at opinions. We will discuss this event in class next Thursday and Friday.

Here are links to English articles about the events.

Gunman Kills 12 at Office of French Satirical Magazine

Gun Attack on French Magazine Kills 12

Police hunt for suspects as a nation mourns - NY Times

French Police Search Door to Door for Suspects

Here are links to the French articles about the events.

« Charlie Hebdo » visé par une attaque terroriste, deuil national décrété

Charlie Hebdo : une zone en Picardie passée au crible

Attentat à Charlie Hebdo: retour sur une journée noire

After reading all articles carefully, reflect and create three questions Google couldn't answer about the attacks and enter your questions on this Google form. Your questions should reflect the somberness of this event.