Nature. The worlds secret serenity
By Michael Cool

Disclaimer: None of the photos that are included in this presentation were taken by me. The assignment had a a requirement to use absolutely no electronics.

I chose the topic of nature for this project because I thoroughly enjoy the outside world. These last couple of weeks have been hard, and just the winter in general-have made me want to stay inside and keep to myself in the confines of my room. That's exactly how I found myself spending my time. The window was always covered to keep the bright glow of the white powder that cover the ground, out. Although my love for nature had seemed to have left me, I needed to get the feeling back. I figured it would bring back some joy to my life. A way to escape the sadness that plagues you when winter is here. I thought it would to get away from the lasso of technology that the world has put around us all. I realized it was something that had to be done, and I'm glad I chose to do so.

My project is fairly simple. Although none of the pictures included were taken by me, so I could not share the wonderful sights that I had witnessed. So I looked up some pictures that I thought represented nature to me, and sort of reminded me of the things I had thought about during the hour I spent in the wilderness.

Some things that I learned from the experience were: nature does seem to change according to the mood of the beholder. It seemed to make me at ease with life, and I felt as though I was at peace with the world, and myself. When I had first arrived at Buck Creek, it seemed to be in a sad, gloomy state. It had just rained, so the ground was still wet. It was cold, there were bugs and birds- that seemed to be in constant screaming matches with each other. There were dark clouds in the sky, and the trees were just.... depressing. As i walked deeper into the woods, my mood changed. The cracks in the path, i noticed, had little flower escaping from in between the cracks. The sun was starting to peek through the clouds, and the light had started to come in through the trees, almost divinely. The breeze seemed to warm up, and so had my mood. The birds and bugs were now singing the songs of their kind, no longer screaming at each other. The trees seemed to be in a constant waltz with wind, to a melodic tune. As my ears became more tuned in, I started to notice more and more. Squirrels and chipmunks scurried about in the damp leaves, and the frogs and toads croaked at each other by the creek, and as I walked by, they hopped into the water and swam away. I felt the wind blow through my hair, and around the rest of my body, as if to lightly caress. I wasn't checking my phone for the constant flow of notifications every couple of seconds. I was not using any way to share this experience with anyone. This was solely meant for me.

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