Cloud Computing Companies - Things You Should Ask Before Hiring Them

Ever since the introduction of cloud computing services into the world of business, entrepreneurs have been asking in the glory of the high end technology that has now become accessible at extremely affordable prices. The idea behind this concept is very simple – trying to help the little guy. Small businesses need better resources, especially technical support and infrastructure, to be able to make a mark on the industry. And as it often happens, these computing machines and applications are usually out of reach for them, mostly due to the cost factor. But the cloud computing system has now made it possible for small scale entrepreneurs to access these technologies and make the most of the productivity that they promise.

Keeping these factors in mind, it is a given that almost every business will be looking to cash in on this amazing opportunity. This is where the service providers offering cloud computing solutions enter into the picture. You need to find a company that will be willing to work with you and your organisation to find the best possible combination of technology for your needs in the best possible price. This also means having a service provider who is not out to cheat you and steal your money. Here are some questions you should ask your cloud computing company before you hire them for the job. These will help you pick out the best name from the lot.

  • What kind of an investment will be required at your end in terms of hardware and other machinery? Will your existing computer system be enough to support the cloud?
  • What kind of hardware will the company be running your servers on? What will the disk back-end be?
  • What facilities are available as an add on, other than the basic cloud storage and computing features that make up the package that you will be buying?
  • How safe will your data be? What measures are being taken by the cloud computing company to preserve and protect the integrity of your official data?
  • Are there multiple points of redundancy in the server, switching, power, and storage infrastructure?
  • How will the data servers be backed up by the cloud computing service provider?
  • What are the data restore procedures that will have to be followed in order to recover any data lost by you at any point?
  • What is the DR plan?
  • Will someone else be able to access your data as well? Are the virtual networks segmented either physically or virtually?
  • What kind of user support is the company ready to offer to its clients?

These basic questions will help you understand the services being offered by the cloud computing company as part of the package you are taking up with them. This way, you will be able to take the best call as to which service provider will be the best option to choose for your technological needs.

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