Decorating The Christmas Tree

A family tradition for decades


The tradition in our family has been to unload the hundreds of ornaments from storage, and set them out for an all day project. We start at the bottom, using only the most priceless and sentimental ornaments throughout our family. We always have family over for Christmas, and we invite them to bring their ornaments so it feels like home. We love Christmas traditions, and thank Tackk for making it possible to share this with friends and family. I will be bringing each of the family members to sign this with their appreciation. We enjoy this tradition very much, and hope you see the value in Christmas, as it brings a family closer together in all ways, from giving, to setting the tree up, thank you Tackk for making this possible!!

  • TY! We think this site will be amazing when it is fully up, and many people that I have talked to about this site thinks its great! Merry Christmas -Lilac
  • Merry Christmas -Ellie
  • My son tells me about this and it is great! Going to start using this for office bulletins now!      -Shawn
  • Coolio -Amir
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