A voice to be heard                              Elisabeth Swartzcopf

                                         A german oprea singer


In the picture above is Olga Maria Elisabeth Friederike Schwarzkopf. She is a famous 20th century opera singer.

                                                 Description paragraph

Elisabeth was born December 9, 1915 in Jarotschin in the Province of Posen.Which today is now Poland. Elisabeth showed a talent for music at a young age. Her first opera was in 1928 at her school in Magdeburg, Germany. The name of her first production was Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice.Elisabeth was supposed to study medicine but was banned form the university by the nazi party. She decide to follow her dream and did her studies at the Berlin Hochlue music.       

Compare And Contrast paragraph

Elisabeth Swatzcopf was a german orpea singer who enloyed to be in opreas and have education.Walter Legge was a singer who was in plays and even had his own album.

Elisabeth and Walter finally set aside their diffrences and decided to make a album together and it sold and they made many money. Walter decided to give the money to charity and his charity worked out really well. Walter was born in Londan and traveled to Berlin, Germany and thats were he found his soon to be wife Elisabeth.Elisabeth was born in Poland and moved to berlin,Germany.She then found Walter and they fell in love.


Cause and Effect paragraph

Since Elisabeth was banned fromthe medical school she went to she began to look for a record deals and eventually went on tour.Since she didn't go to college she had free time to walk around Germany. By her surpise she met a  very handsome recorder Walter Legge.

she then went on tour and made her first album. She then had more free time and she became very known in germany.


Sequance and order paragraph

On December 1915 she was born.She then moved to Berlin ,Germany.In 1928 she had her first oprea.She was banned from medical school.She went on tour on 1946.She was given citizenship in austria.She got married to walter legge.She then made a album with Walter Legge.

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