Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Trenton took place on December 25th and 26th of the year 1776. George Washington led his troops across the Delaware River after loosing New York City to the British. The attack was a total surprise to the British; pushing them back into the city of New York.  It was unheard of to fight during the winter. The winter was a time to rest, plan, and strategize for the year ahead. George Washington used the battle as a morale booster for the Revolution. As the years came to an end soldiers were able to end their service. George Washington wanted to get his troops excited for the opportunity they had to reenlist in the war. He wanted to show his very defeated troops and members of the Continental Army that they had what it takes to beat the British. The strategy Washington had in mind was to strike the British quickly out of nowhere. Washington led the troops by telling them if they just fight one more day they will eventually wear the British down and ultimately win.

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