Learning to Teach
Day 31: 2nd Lecture day

Today went better than I expected, and I was one of those days where I felt like a teacher. It is a little surprising to day that today was only the second time I had a large lecture with my classes. One thing I really tried to focus on during this lecture is to incorporate movement in my lecture, and breaking things up..

I felt that I went better than I though, however I know I defiantly need to break up the lecture by more activity or something small. I wonder if class conversation is enough to break from the information. I did learn that it is ok to just have a random moment of movement, (although I can't use that all the time in the same spots). Learning how to vary my lecture and my activities is definitely something I need to look at doing better next time.

The other thing I need to focus on is management. Making sure that at all times, I am the alpha. Although I felt that in most of my classes I was, that is still something I need to continue to do.

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