Classroom Expectations

  • PROMPT - Be here, and be on time. Your ideas are important and we desire to hear them and help them grow. We do not have a spare second to waste. However, we can't share in your ideas if you are not on time and present.
  • PREPARED - We communicate, collaborate, create and share while problem solving and discovering new topics.  Bring your math journals, homework, binder, pencils, erasers, notebook paper, expo markers, earbuds, and B.Y.O.T. - Bring Your Own Technology
  • PRODUCTIVE - Maximize your learning by staying on task, carefully listening to and following directions, and engage in class activities and discussions. Learn something today that you did not know yesterday, and have fun doing it.
  • POLITE - Be kind or neutral to everyone. Be patient with yourself and others. Be respectful to yourself, your teacher, your classmates and your classroom. Contribute to the community in a positive and uplifting manner.
  • PASSIONATE - Jump into the class with both feet, not just for a grade but for your own growth.  Be daring, be different, take risks. Discover something unexpected and create something you are proud of.

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