Arabian Peninsula Visit

Today, I will be taking you through 10 tips on how to have a successful trip to the Arabian Peninsula. Make sure to prepare for all the climate changes and wind and heat that you'll have the best experience. The first tip, if you are traveling to the desert, make sure to bring good lose fit clothing and be ready for the very hot climate. Also, don't expect any precipitation, and expect very chilly nights. Second, the oasis, the oasis is a very good place for you to settle. It has lots of freshwater and good for farming and food. Settling here will give you a pretty good climate, and give you lots of resources so that you'll be successful. Third, coastal plains will have a lot of resources also for you. Boats also are held there, which is a great trading resources. Coastal Plains would be a very good place to settle. Also food would not be a struggle to get. Fourth, the mountains, the mountains are a bit different. Mountains are a big climate change, its way much cooler. Mountains wouldn't be a bad place to settle, but keep in mind it is very cold and farming isn't to good.

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