Scenario #1

My definition of Bullying is harassment from another human based on appearance, social group and many other reasons. If someone did this to me I would respond by telling an adult immediately weather it's a teacher or the principle. The reason I would respond this way is because I wouldn't wait for it to get out of control. If i ever found out someone was being bullied I would get them to tell a teacher or tell a teacher for them. Some of the warning sign behaviors are name calling, teasing, spreading rumors, laughing at others and physical harassment.


Scenario #2

If my friends and I saw this person being bullied and we did nothing about it it would send the message to the bully that they can get away with what ever they want and no one is going to do a thing about it. Some things we can do is tell the person that is being bullied to tell their parents and block the user. You should never send back a reply to a mean comment. More students may understand if we stand up for the person being bullied that bullying is wrong and it may be funny to them but can harm others.