My 3rd grade memories

This was in miss Arwood's class we had to hold marbles in a tinfoil boat mine held 25! It was great

my best friend Maggie and I made this masterpiece!
we were learning about wind and made wind bags we had so much fun!
Mealworms are the best the whole class had their own class pet!
This is my mom and I at campshaw we did P.E. and had to cross this rope and my mom and I made it across together!
This is me coloring my blue dog picture I mean my masterpicece two dogs fell in love was a pink dog and a blue dog and had a purple baby
This was at camp shaw and we had to keep the ball from hitting the ground and could use any body part it was hard and really awesome!
This was at the winter showcase! They had to toss up flag and catch them!
This was at buckley homestead!
This was at Valentines day and we had to estimate how many candy hearts will fit in the heart flowers
This was when we were learning about Julian Beever and when did sidewalk chalk!
In this picture we were learning about Jackson Pollock!

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