North Carolina Graduation Project

"How the environment affects human development"
By: Mary Patrica Lane

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Why people from different places may think or act a certain way, maybe different from how you would? Well, I have always personally wonder that, so last year I decided to dive deeper to find the answers I was looking for by researching and writing my 11th grade capstone paper.

There were many long nights of online research and book research that went into writing my paper, and although I learned a lot, I still wanted to learn more. This year I got the opportunity to go and talk to a social worker, daycare worker, and a nurse to really get their personal opinions of these professionals on how our environments really affect our development socially, physically, and mentally.

Product Approval Form

During my product creation time period, I met with many different types of people, and got to talk about some of the questions I still had even after writing my paper. It helped me to talk to some of the professionals because they were able to give me a fresh view on some of the information I learned last year. I wasn't able to shoot footage of my meeting with my Social worker, but here are a few pictures of my interview.

My first Interview!
Let's get Started!
Thanks for all your help!

The second interview I had was with the head teacher at the Daycare at Nash Central High. My time spent in the daycare really brought back some good memories from my childhood. It was really nice talking to and being around the little kids for an afternoon while I waited for my interview.

Day Care workers
Nash Central Pups! (Day Care)
Toys to help kids learn!
Going outside to play!

My final interview was with Mrs. Norris the nurse at Nash Central High, but I was unable to get pictures during the interview due to a time limit. I was able to take a picture of the list of questions I asked her though, and I was also able to get footage of our interview and put it in my actual Capstone project PSA video which I put down below.

At first for my product I wanted to job shadow and volunteer at places like a recycling plant, My sisters house, or a psychologist's office and speak about my experiences working at those places with different types of people. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that I could do something even better as a product, that would give me a bigger learning stretch than just being around and talking to people. I decided that I wanted to make a PSA video! I wanted to actually make something with my own two hands that would catch people's attention, making them want to listen to what I have to say. I really feel like this video was a cool,fun, and informational way to share what I've learned these past two years about how our environments affect our development. I hope you enjoy watching it!!

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