Court Yard Challenge/End Task
By: Kelsey Pattison

You must have recorded conversations from at least 5 people about the needs of the Red Lake High School community.(Your thinking skills are apparent because you are using your planning skills to gather information)

Kristoff: What she wants: Benches, a fire pit, garden boxes, prugla
Brodie: A nice basketball court, a pond , and maybe a fountain
Mrs.Williamson: Fire pit, places for people to sit, place that everyone can use
Doin: TV’s, Speakers, Bar, should be allowed to smoke there
Autumn: Hammocks, Fountain, Smoothie Bar, pikni table, flowers, pool, hot tub.
2. Challenges that could occur during this process:-Sewage pipes -Security -Spec ed and their privacy -Ground condition -Budget

This is the original bubble diagram of the court yard before I added anything.
The bottom part of the bubble diagram of what I wanted to add
This is the top part of my bubble diagram of what I wanted to add
Bottom part of my floor plan
The top part of my floor plan

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