Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brasil

The Love Island

Sao Luis is a historic and beautiful city of Brazil. First, it is the only city founded by French people, but it has a large architectural heritage made by Portuguese. You should know it because it is the heritage of humanity. Second, you ought to go to the beaches. They are wonderful! I can pick you up at the hotel to go there. Ponta D’Areia is the most beautiful among all. I think we will go there first. Finally, you cannot leave without trying the local food. You need to try baked fish, rice cuxa, vatapa, shrimp pie, etc. Hmm… oh you must bring your T-shirt, shorts, sun glasses and sandals because it is hot here every day. I think you will like it so much because Sao Luis is known as The Love Island and you had better dance reggae. Sao Luis is a wonderful place!

Connection Maranhão-Ontario