15 Things You Learn About Yourself When Traveling Alone

I have always found solo travel to be reoriented, rather than disorienting. When I return to my job and my routine after having had the opportunity to explore myself while exploring somewhere else, I can’t help but feel like my decisions are a little more informed. That’s my goal and the paths I take to get to them are a little clearer. When traveling solo, you might just learn more about yourself than the place you travel to -- lessons you’ll find transfer to all kinds of arenas in your life. Hopefully, you return from your adventures feeling a little more empowered.

You hate being completely alone

You love being completely alone

You'll find your own pace

You’ll learn how grateful you are to make friends

And new levels of humility

You’ll achieve new levels of open-mindedness

You’ll figure out how to own your experience

You’ll figure out what really matters to you

You’ll finally know who you are when no one’s watching

You’ll learn to love the pleasure of your own company

You’ll learn you can trust yourself

You’ll discover just how readily and greedily you will learn new things

You’ll learn just how weak you are

You’ll learn how just strong you are

You’ll learn you can handle it

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