Jeffrey Dahmer's Last Victim

The Details

July 22nd, 1991. Tracy Edwards is spotted running down the street near Dahmer's apartment partially clothed and in hand cuffs. The remains of 11 victims are found in his apartment including all kinds of body parts frozen, mutilated etc. Dahmer plead not guilty in court due to "insanity". He admitted to things such as cooking and eating body parts because he was "lonely". He was sentenced to almost 1000 years in prison for 15 accounts of murder and other things. He was bludgeoned to death in prison.

The Mystery

I will set up the scene focusing on Tracy Edwards, how he got there, etc. How did Dahmer get away with this? What is going on? What is the motive?

The Sources

The Victim

There are 15 victims in total but the one that I will focus on is the one that got away, Tracy Edwards.

The Suspects

Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer

The Evidence

All of the remains found in the house. All human remains that were not his own. The fact that Tracy was seen running away from his house.

The Narrator

The narrator for my story will be Tracy. I will write it as if he is running down the street, pleading to the police to listen to him. The reader will not know exactly what is going on and will have to guess. Eventually it will resolve with Dahmer's trial.

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