Emma's Financial Portfolio

When  I interviewed my mother I thought that my family events didn't really have an effect on me money wise,but when my mom told me the price of groceries for me I found out that I really did have a big effect on prices.For my job i chose an FBI.I didn't really pick this career for any certain reason,maybe it was to enjoy my choice of jobs.My job had a huge effect on my payments because i my job had to be enough to pay for a house,a car,and utilities monthly.I created a balanced spreadsheet the first time.To make sure that my spreadsheet was balanced  i had to make sure that the items I bought were right for me.This project changed my view of money because, at first i didn't know the money process and everything you have to do to get your total.This project helped me prepare for the future so i know to save your money because when your older it can really come in handy.