Teach Like a Pirate Project

4th Grade Social Studies

4.2E identify the accomplishments and explain the economic motivations and impact of significant empresarios, including Stephen F. Austin and Martin de Leon, on the settlement of Texas

4.2A summarize motivations for European exploration and settlement of Texas, including economic opportunity, competition and the desire for expansion

Kinesthetic Hook-students will write a play or drama about their experience as a European explorer and present to class when done

Safari Hook-students will pack all their belongings in a backpack(only) and travel all around the school outside and inside to find a better place to live that has water and good land for planting and raising animals

Picasso Hook-read the book A Paradise Called Texas and have students create pictures/illustrations of events, summarize as you read and discuss events of German explorers that traveled to settle in Texas

Picasso Hook-create a pamphlet to advertise a city in Texas to recruit new settlers and highlight economic benefits and opportunities for relocation that will entice others to move there

Real World Application Hook-have students interview their parents, grandparents, or other family member to see how they arrived to live here in this time and place; then create a visual , power point, or poster to present to class about their life history and exploration/migration/travel

Life Changing Lesson Hook-have students reflect in their journals about how our country has been changed due to explorers and migration positive/negative

The Props Hook-have the students read and discuss the novel A Paradise Called Texas that deals with German people moving to Texas to live and all the obstacles that they faced

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