Finlay Dale 8F

Photography and Digital Editing

In Design Technology we have learnt how to edit digital photographs using the online resource We also learnt how to make an online profile as well as good composition; rule of thirds.

Picture 1.This picture shows people 'psyching' themselves up for an activity that requires teamwork. Good composition: filled the frame

Picture 1 edit. The picture has a focus on the group of hands. It has a splash to make it look nostalgic and it has been brightened to make it stand out.

Picture 2. This picture shows teamwork across species showing man's frail connection with nature. Good composition: Rule of thirds (both bodies are on the guide lines).

Picture 2 edit. The picture has been cropped to remove the unwanted border and text. It has had a vintage effect put on it so it looks old and a torn paper border has been added.

Picture 3. This picture shows the age old teamwork game being played by a group of young men. Good composition: filled frame.

Picture 3 edit. This picture has a focus on the rope because that is one of the main parts and it draws attention to the boys. It has also been enhanced and darkened. I believe it looks of higher quality now.

Picture 4. This shows that humans are not the only type of animal capable of teamwork. Good composition: rule of thirds (both of the dogs heads are near the points where the lines meet as well as the plate hamburgers).

Picture 4 edit. This picture has had a tinted inky border added as well as text to convey a powerful message.

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