My first scratch game

It is really pathetic but i'm worry on my second game which is going to  be a little bit similar to bouncy ball but as i go my game is going to get better. click this link to play it

  • What was the project prompt... it had to have loops, if statement, sound effect, key press, and motion.
  • What is your project? my project is a game for a ball to try to get a star but it is more than that when you play the game.
  • Did you plan it out first? i actually plan this out.
  • Why did you make it? i made it because i was really interested in marstheman's game.


  • What was your process? i had to make the character's first then i had to figure out which blocks helped the characters move and make the game.
  • What problems did you face? the blocks weren't doing what i thought they was going to do like bounce i thought it will just bounce.
  • How did you overcome any problems? i just added a few more blocks which made the ball bounce.


  • What would your next iteration be? i will be going to 3d printing.
  • What did you like best? i liked testing the game and adjusting things.
  • How would you make it better? i would try to add more obstacles.
  • the end !!?!?