I.T Security Risks

I.T Security

What are the possible security threats?

  • Computer files can become corrupted due to human and/ or mechanical error.
  • Files can be lost during file swaps or transfers from hard drive to hard drive.
  • Computers and hard drives containing files can be physically damaged by fire and water as well as brute force.
  • Accidental deletion of one or more files while deleting a large number of unused, unwanted or unneeded files is very common and can cause all types of problems.
  • Hacking can prove very dangers to people’s files if the hacker has a malicious intent, the hacker can put a Trojan on the system as well as do exactly what they liked. They can delete files as and when they please as well as alter such delicate files. They can also exploit users’ personal information.
  • When physically repairing or upgrading hardware in the computer, if proper grounding precautions are not followed you can accidentally statically charge the components of your computer, you can also damage different components in different ways if care is not taken.
  • Installing maleware onto you computer can and will allow the software to disrupt or damage a computer system the way it is designed to.
  • Installing Maleware can lead to viruses, Trojan horses, worms and spyware as well as a wide range of other software’s that can cause problems in many different ways.
  • Virus can spread by themselves from one programme to another, during this the virus can delete and alter file information, display unwanted sound and messages and much more.

3 most common security threats:

  • Maleware
  • Accidental deletion
  • Virus’


There a 4 different types of computer and online legislation as well as many other subliminal lesser known legislation.

  • The computer misuse act
  • The data protection act
  • The copyright, designs and patents act
  • Communications acts

The computer misuse act is the law that determines weather people are allowed to access computer systems and modify the data. Because of this, unauthorised access is illegal. This includes hacking as well as other means of accessing a computer system without permission. Unauthorised access when you intend to commit further crimes like fraud which is treated as a much more serious crime. Unauthorised modification is also illegal and this is when you change data without permission and infect the system with some sort of virus or maleware. If you are caught breeching these laws you can be fined and given a jail sentence.

The copyright, designs and patents act is there to protect the creative, original work by individuals or business’. Anyone who creates an original piece of work no matter what type weather it be song or image will automatically own the ‘copyright’ of their own work. This means that the owner can also say what others are allowed to use their work for, selling the piece of work is also available or they can just remain happy with being credited for their work; however, if someone steals the work or takes and manipulates without permission, they can be sued if ‘copyright’ legislation is improperly followed. Anything that is possible to download electronically can usually be downloaded illegally such as software, movies and files as well as much more.

The communications act 2003 is the act that covers different communications media; the legislation says that it is illegal to use anybody’s internet access without permission. As well as this the legislation says it is an offence to send offensive, indecent or menacing electronic messages. As well as this it regulates communications media like internet based radio and TV shows. You can be arrested and put in jail as well as receive a hefty fine if you breech these laws.

Impacts of system breeches

System breeches happen all of the time, the worst hits are always to major business however a hard enough hit from a system breech can be enough to shut down a small company.

For example a system breech happened to a major selling site, eBay. Last year, when hacker managed to obtain log ons from a small group of employees, the hackers are said to have taken a small number of log ons for regular users. The hackers were caught and sentenced to 5 years with parole.

Another hack consisted of a major gaming online sever being kicked offline said to be leaving 76 million people outraged with the lack of service. This caused problems all through the board… the hackers still have not been caught, it was believed that North Korea was responsible for the hack due to an argument between Sony and North Korea by a film mocking the Koreans.

Nintendo was also hacked by a number of people and in doing this, the hackers managed to acquire 160,000 address’, numbers, names, email address’ and passwords.

A three of the named hacks have effected 100,000+ people and had caused a ripple effect throughout the company and for the future of the company.

Access and contol methods evaluation

Access control is a method used in which a person can access their files or log into a system which limits unauthorised access to the control of protected systems and files. Users are granted certain privillages to systems and files if they need them for their work and keeping people out who have the intention of misusing or abusing their access to such delicate files and systems.

In user control systems the user must provide their credentials befor their access is granted.

This is a good system for preventing unwnted access to things to just anybody making hacking or trolling or even malicious damage to the system, this is the first line of defense and creates an imeadiate problem for the unwanted user.