Tasmanian Tigers

Why did they go extinct? Will or CAN the scientists bring them back? And other answers to a few questions you may have on the Tasmanian Tiger also known as the Thylacine.

What did they look like?

The Tasmanian tiger was a dog-like marsupial, the size was about the same as a dog. The Tasmanian Tiger was a light yellow color, with black  stripes going down its back, but no where else, it also had a light orange color around the stripes. It had large jaws with canine teeth, able to rip prey or anything its size or even slightly bigger to shreds.

How did it die off?

The Tasmanian tiger was killed off by people, who thought it was killing their sheep. People over exaggerate just how much this happened, in fact it was rare that a Tasmanian tiger would go for sheep. It would've rather went for birds and smaller marsupials. It may have had large jaws, but the Tasmanian tiger knew it was easier to go for smaller prey, than wooly, large prey. People killed it off anyway, started killing them in the 1900's and the last one died on September 7th, 1936 at the Hobart Zoo.

What did it eat?

It mainly ate birds, smaller marsupials, and other small animals, it would go after sheep when it was starving, from competing for food with wild dogs and other larger animals. It did not go after huge prey like cows or horses, even they knew that's way to dangerous.

Where did it live?

It lived in Australia, then in Tasmania. You know where there's Tasmanian devils. In fact the Tasmanian tiger was related to the Tasmanian tiger by about 40,000 years apart! Yes the Tasmanian tiger was around for a long long time! Then the last one was in the Hobart Zoo, but died there on Sept. 7th, 1936.

Will scientists bring it back?

A better question is CAN they? Well the answer in, maybe. I know it seems like a dumb answer, but its true! The fact is, they need DNA to clone a Tasmanian tiger, and a mother animal that is related to the Tasmanian tiger! Which is really hard to do since most of the living relatives are far off the branches to the Tasmanian tiger, and are much smaller, since its not really relater to Tigers at all. In facts its closest relatives are the Tasmanian Devil, or the Numbat. (A small squirrel like ant-eater)

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