Kitty Culture

                         The people live in small beach houses, which are above the water. The small city has a population of about 52 people. The houses are made out of wood and the roofs are triangular. The houses consist of one to three bedrooms, one restroom, a kitchen, and a living room. The houses communicate with bridges.

                In the kitty nation, there is a variety of foods such as tuna salad, chips, pizza, and sushi. The most popular dessert is chocolate and vanilla cake with berries on top. The main foods they eat are grapes, oranges, and apples. They find all of there ingredients at the Meow super market. The most popular restaurants are Silvester and Garfield.

                    The kitty religion is Lululism. They believe in the Fish God, which he protects there country from the evil. When they go to church they have to wear a tunic and a bail on top of their head. They always have to pray after they eat to thank God for their food. They have strong beliefs in their faith with the God.

      Their education consists of  10 years of school. Everyone is allowed to go to school within the ages of 5 through 21. The cost of their education is $300 dollars. In order to work they have to finish at least 5 years of school. They have two schools which one is elementary and the other is secondary.

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