Horseback Riding

By: Olivia

Neigh! Aren't we horses amazing?! From our colors, to our riding supplies, our shows, how even we relate to you, to our wonderful teeth, and our long lifespan.

Pick Your Horse

What kind of horse would you want? Would you buy a Shetland Pony for a child? Or a racing horse specifically bred for speed? Determine your special horse, and lets get going!


Although horses aren't the stars of hit T.V. shows, you and your horse can still compete in a type of competition called a show. Depending on what you want to prove, you would compete in a different show. For example, if you wanted to prove that your house was better groomed than other horses, you would compete in a show that focused on grooming.

One show is Jumping.

Hold Your Horses

Wait up! You can't ride your horse without the proper equipment! You always need a helmet, to protect your head in falls; and thick heeled boots, so that your feet don't slip out of the stirrups. Your horse needs to wear a saddle, so that you don't fall off of the horse!


Believe it or not, horses have a few qualities that we ourselves have! They're mammals. Horses also have another quality in common with us. This is the fact that horses come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Ride Like the Wind

Horses can move in three different speeds, or gaits. The fastest gait is a Gallop. The second fastest gait is a canter. The slowest gait is a trot.

Terrific Teeth

To keep them going, horses LOVE forage grass or hay, but they will accept a bucket of apples as well. Horses use their teeth to grind up their food.

Horses love to eat hay.

Long Live Horses

A horse's baby is called a foal. A foal will become a full grown horse in about five years. In an article called Horses, the author states that, " A horse can live up to 20-30 years."

Didn't I tell you that we horses are amazing? Just remember, we have many different breeds, different types of shows to compete in, you need the correct equipment, how we relate to you, our teeth, and our long lifespan! Niegh!