Eve by: Anna Carey

Half of the Earth's population has died from a plague.In the mist of chaos and turmoil a man, who later became the king gave people hope by promising to build a new world. The king ordered all surviving children to be taken to safe schools separated by gender. Eve, validictorian of her class, devoted her whole life to her education so that someday she would live in the new world. However, the night before her graduation her curiosity lead her to discover an appalling secret. Eve discovered that her hopes, her dreams, and the king were all a lie.Her only way out is to escape and worst of all encounter what she was taught to fear her whole life: men.

             Eve realizes that all the skills and knowledge she has percieved in her life is useless to her now. She must survive in a unusual environment surrounded by boisterous men and a plethora of soldiers lurking in every corner.

"I had run as far and fast as I could, too terrified to stop." "I grew weaker, my steps slower, until it was hard to walk more than a mile without having to stop for rest".

The king is a ruthless, evil man who will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

"Your wanted by the king."

There are plenty of words I would use to describe this book.Exciting, suspenseful,and heartbreaking would all suffice.Given that information, I would recommend this book to hopeless romantics. Also, individuals who enjoyed reading  "Delirium" and "Shatter Me"  are most likely to be interested in this book as well.

By the end of this book, I was left in a pool of tears. The theme of this story is doing anything it takes and even sacrificing your own well being, when it comes to protecting the people you love.

By: Miya Duncan

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