13 Gifts blog by Carissa Turner

book wrote by Wendy Mass

Why is such a good book

Wendy Mass has wrote a book called 11 birthdays witch is just as good but I wanted to do a first blog on 13 Gifts.

The reason I like it

Well it all started when I loaned a book at my library at my school and it was called 13 Gifts By Wendy Mass

I tought If I did a blog about it i might get some comments and laughing fun.

I want to start reading it as soon as I got it off the self at my school library.

I enjoy reading all authors books my favorite book authors are~

Wendy Mass

Erin Hunter


Kate Messnes

I like three authors plus more of course but there my top three.

I enjoy reading for more than 1 hour sometimes

But this video is about my next blog 11 birthdays not 13 Gifts.

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