The southern colonies
All day I dream about sun

By: Jackson Ogden


Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, And Maryland. Look at all those places you can stay! Need more information? That's fine listen up.

The Weather and Climate

It's very warm unlike he freezing new England colonies! Also the southern colonies have the longest growing season! Still need more information? Well fine keep listening!


Well first of the soil is rich! Also includes, Tobacco, cotton, and rice! What's not to like?


The industry includes Tobacco, rice, timber, and ship building. sounds better than the other two colonies right? oh you need to see some pictures? well....ok!

The 5 places to choose from! (all of them are great)

The sun makes it feel warm and helps grow! while the other colonies are freezing and can't grow you will be having a good time.

Growing season longer than any! makes life so much easier!
Rice is just some of the stuff we have to feast on.

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