Amazing Medieval Facts

Crusades and Why

The crusades had two sides Christians and Muslims. Both religions wanted to control the holy land Jerusalem. It was important to Christians as it was where Jesus spent most of his time and it is where king Solomon's temple to god was built. It was important to the Muslims because that was where they said Muhammad ascended into heaven

Who Fought?

The crusades were the armies of Europe and the Muslims that had control at the time. There were 30,000 soldiers from Europe in the first crusade. it was made of knights,peasants,and other commoners. Some saw it as a way to get rich and test there fighting skills. Others saw it as a way into heaven

Timeline of the Crusades

*The First Crusade(1095-1099) It was the most successful for Europe.

*The Second crusade(1147-1149) the city of Edessa was conquered. The entire population was killed or sold into slavery. then a second crusade was launched but unsuccessful.

*The Third Crusade(1187-1192) Saladin the sultan of Egypt, recaptured the city of Jerusalem from the Christians. A third crusade was launched. they fought Saladin for several years. He did not conquer Jerusalem in the end, but he did win the rights for pilgrims to visit.

*The Fourth Crusade(1202-1204) The Fourth Crusade was formed by the pope, with the hope of taking back the Holy Land. The crusaders got sidetracked and ended up conquering Constantinople.

Interesting Facts

*Deus vult!, meaning God wills it, was the battle cry of the Crusaders.

*The symbol of the Crusaders was the red cross. They wore it on their clothing.


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