Spartacus Defeats Rome

Spartacus killing a roman soldier

ROME, ITALY 73 B.C- For the past couple of months many escaped slaves and gladiators have been taking refuge on nearby Mount Vesuvius with their leader Spartacus.They decided to revolt against the mighty Rome and have since defeated two of Romes army's yesterday being the latest one.

Rome decided to send out new and extremely powerful military leader Marcus Crassus to defeat Spartacus and his army of more than 100,000 men. Crassus will strike tomorrow morning with a sneak attack and put an end to the army's life.

Spartacus was a part of the Roman Army but he deserted and found himself in a gladiator camp not soon after. Then he later escaped with almost one hundred other training gladiators with knives and cleavers from the kitchen. He is armed and dangerous and if someone see's him please contact Crassus and inform him of his position.

Ancient Roman Food

Most people in Rome live on the Mediterranean Triad which is made up of barley, olive oil, and wine. If you are rich you can have beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and fish dormice and snails many of which are served with sauces. Also if you are rich you can have anything exotic that you want to buy.

If you are poor you stick to the Mediterranean Triad with possibly lentils, cucumbers, lettuce, fruit like apples and figs, nuts and sometimes cheese and eggs. One of the favored drinks of Rome was called the mulsum which was a mixture of boiled wine and honey.

High class people eating a meal of meat and vegetables

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