Camp McDowell

By: Katie Ray

Part 1

We had just settled at Camp Mcdowell. It was my first time ever to be there. Our counselor, (Jordan) told the girls that we would be staying in Eds cabin. This cabin was one of the biggest ones, even though we only had 8 girls. Those people were, Hannah, Anna, Meg Aured, Merrill, Caroline, Sara Mason, Emmy and me. (Emmy was the girls counselor.)  I had met everyone there except for Sara Mason and Emmy. It was a bit awkward with those two, but we adjusted quickly.

Part 2

After I met everyone, we went to dinner and I had mashed potatoes,peas, and steak. We waited in line for about 5 minutes. I chose peas, potatoes, and steak, but there were other choices too. Meg and Merrill sat next to me at the wooden tables. Meg got the same thing I got but Merrill had gotten carrots instead of peas.  It took a total of about 25-30 minutes to finish their dinner. After our delicious dinner, Jordan and Emmy took us on a 4 mile hike through the woods, in the dark. Since our cabin was far and we had to be in bed by 10:30, we didn't have time to go get flashlights. That meant walking through the woods, in the dark, no flashlights, and camp counsels who had never been in these woods. This path is rarely used, so there were no lights, or a built path.

Me and Merrill walked in the front, while the counsels walked in the back. We carried sticks with us to avoid running into spiderwebs. As we walked, we heard water running, so we knew we were getting closer. We saw a flight of old ,wooden stairs and we jolted toward them.

Part 3

The bridge had no METAL rails, only old, weak rope and wood.  The counsels were the first to get on. The rest of us followed, but I was last. We apparently went there to go star gazing. So, everyone started laying down side-ways, with their heads and feet hanging off. I was last to do that too.Sarah Mason and I didn't lay down until the last 10 minutes. We were scared to death. Even thought it was sort of scary, it was very fun. After about 30 minutes was up, we slowly fit up, and walked off the bridge. One person started to jump up and down and shake the bridge. Soon, everyone was doing it. Luckily, I wasn't on it when that happened. After everyone got off, we started our way back. Unlike the trip here, I kind of knew my way, so I didn't trip or run into spiderwebs.

Part 4

After we got back from the woods, we went to an un-expected church service. Caroline and I led the service. We read from Philippians for about fifteen minutes and then read a little from a piece of paper that they had pre-wrote for us. The whole service was about 20-25 minutes long. After the service we prayed, and took a walk to our cabin.

Part 5

Once we got there, I was the first one to get in the shower.

The second I had grabbed my towels, my clothes, and went in there and turned the water on. The second it was on, I saw a giant spider. I grabbed a towel and ran out of there as fast as I could. That night, nobody else showered, they decided to do it in the morning.After I dried off I got into my pajamas, and climbed into bed. I had a fun night at camp, but the next day was better.