Things I like

I like lasanga it is my favorite food. Whenever mom makes lasanga my relatives come over to have some.

my favorite T.V show is Once Upon a Time. I like this show because it combines reality with fairy tails.  It's message to us is that everyone can have a happy ending. Over that this show is exiting.

Canada was my favorite place to visit.  It was fun going there for a wedding.  The road trip to get there was also fun.

Click the button above to go to the build a bear website.  I chose build a bear because mine is the most preciouse teddy bear that ha have and did not give to my sibblings.  I got my first one on Christmas when i kept asking for it.

This is my favorite song.  I always listen to this kind of music.  Music is one of my many passions.  I also listen to music on the radio

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