What success gets you?

Definition of success:Success is not just a word its life,its something you use to make life easier and better.Its not hard to do things you need to do even if its a hard thing but you ask for help and try and never give up.Do what u need to do to provide for yourself later on in life,success is everything.Success gives you a good life so take the easy way out.

"My  life motto":is to work hard and never give up!

" Never dreamed about success . Work for it " - Estee Lauder

My success in life is graduating and getting a career. I want to show my family I can make it far in life and showing others who didn't believe in me that I made it. Not only I'm I doing it for my family , I'm also doing for myself,to prove to myself that I am somebody.If you try hard you can do it you can be successful just don't give up and always achieve your dreams. Don't let others take the lead just do what you can to succeed.

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