greek myths
by:sainet alkhas

what is myth?

myths are stories created to give special kind to person,place,

who is Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and  beauty she is a daughter of Zeus and she is so pretty Zeus is really proud of Aphrodite.

who was Goron?

Goron she was a Greek creature she was very pretty before she had snakes for hair the point she had snakes for hair just like Medusa was because this unknown god lead her to the undergrounds and they thought that she needs ugly hair to be in the undergrounds and she became evil and had snakes for hair.

my modern day connection

my modern day connection is that i know all about the god and goddess because i read about it in the books called 'GODDESS GIRLS' they have a whole collection of the books it has 6 books total one is coming in June thank you.

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