Murder on the orient Express


Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie was a murder mystery which took place originally on the Taurus Express.  After switching trains at a train station the Taurus Express's occupants then loaded the Orient Express.  The Orient Express was on route from Paris to Istanbul.  This was only a three day trip.  However, a lot of unexpected twists and turns fit into the few days.  Agatha Christie is an amazing mystery writer.  She is able to tie together reality and fiction.  For example, the Orient Express is a real train. However the fabricated murder that supposedly occurred on this train was fictional.  


Murder on the Orient Express published in 1934.  Agatha Christie made her story occur in the '30s.  Therefore it was written in present tense.   


The main characters of Murder on the Orient Express include:

- Hercule Poirot: A successful Belgian detective who was traveling on the Orient Express in order to go to a case.  He was asked to work for the victim Ratchett.  Hercule Poirot ended up solving the murder.  

- M. Ratchett: In a series of twisting events we find out that M. Ratchett is a fake name.  We find out that his real name is Cassetti.  Unfortunately Cassetti kidnapped and murdered a well known families' baby.  Ratchett/Cassetti believed that his past had caught up with him, and someone was out to murder him.  Unfortunately he was right, he was stabbed 12 times which was his cause of death.  

- Mary Debenham: Mary Debenham is the first character that we meet in the novel.  Mary is secretly however romantically involved with Colonel Arbuthnot.  Mary was a calm, cool and collected character who was very smart.    Because of these traits Poirot believed that Mary could have pulled off this intense murder.  

- Mrs. Hubbard:  Mrs. Hubbard was an old American woman who was very eager to tell stories about "her daughter!"  Mrs. Hubbard was the grandmother of the little Daisy Armstrong (Daisy was the little girl that was murdered by M. Ratchett/Cassetti.  

- Princess Dragomiroff: Princess Dragomiroff was an "ugly as sin" woman who was extremely rich.  There was one piece of incriminating evidence found at the crime scene that made us believe that the murder was committed by Princess Dragomiroff.  At the crime scene there was a handkerchief that belonged ot Princess Dragomiroff.  

- Colonel Arbuthnot: Clonel Arbuthnot was secretly however romantically involved with Mary Debenham.  There was one piece of incriminating evidence found at the crime scene that made us believe that the murder was committed by Colonel Arbuthnot.  At the crime scene there was a pipe, and it was definitely Colonel Arbuthnot's because everyone else on the train smoked cigarettes.  

- Countess Andrenyi: Countess Andrenyi was Count Andrenyi's wife.  Countess Andrenyi was the sister of Daisy Armstrong's mother.  Countess Andrenyi was the only person on the Orient Express who didn't seem remotely guilty of the murder of M. Ratchett/Cassetti.

- Count Andrenyi: Countess Andrenyi's husband.  Count Andrenyi swore that his wife Countess Andrenyi had nothing to do with the murder of M. Ratchett/Cassetti.  

- M. Bouc: M. Bouc was the Belgian director of the Wagon lit Conductor.  M. Bouc assisted Hercule Poirot with the investigation of the murder of M. Ratchett/Cassetti.  

- Dr. Constantine: Dr. Constantine served as the medical examiner of M. Ratchett/Cassetti.  Dr. Constantine was able to figure out the time of death window and he also told us that M. Ratchett/Cassetti was stabbed 12 times.  

Other characters include:

-Greta Ohlsson

-Antonio Foscarelli

-Cyrus Hardman

-M. McQueen

-Hildegade Schmidt

(There were really no main characters in this novel because it took all of the characters to make the book the way that it was.)  


As the story opens, we are introduced to all of the characters.  One of the most interesting characters was M. Ratchett/Cassetti.  We discovered that he believed that his life was in danger.  He never said who was after him, but he did say that on the second night he thought that he would be killed.  Unfortunately this came true.  On the second night on the Orient Express M. Ratchett/Cassetti was murdered.  He was stabbed 12 times.  There are quite a few red herrings in this novel, some of which include a handkerchief, a pipe, a red kimono, a wagon lit conductor uniform.  We later on discover that M. Ratchett/Cassetti was murdered because he kidnapped and murdered a little girl named Daisy Armstrong.  As the story unfolds we discover that everyone on the Orient Express had a personal connection to Daisy Armstrong, therefore they all had a motive to kill M. Ratchett/Cassetti.  

The End?

II absolutely LOVED this book!!!!  I really enjoy murder mystery novels because I love to try to solve the mystery. I especially enjoy the way that Agatha Christie writes these murder mysteries. She has a way of writing that doesn't make the story took dark and gory. I have read only one other Agatha Christie book, and it was And Then There Were None.  I found that both of these books had very similarities, however they were also perfectly different.  Agatha Christie worked very hard to keep her readers entertained and on the edge of their seats.  She accomplished this by inserting very realistic red herrings into her books.  Everything that was in this book may have seemed like they had nothing to do with the outcome of the book.  However everything played together to create a juicy murder mystery.  I can honestly say that I was completely shocked by the ending of this book.  The ending of this book was completely amazing.  I never saw the ending of this book coming.  The ending of this book was the very best part of the book because it was so intense that an alternate ending was created.  

The End...