The Empire State Building

By: Lissa Kanai

base has a length of 424 feet and a width of 187 feet

America was taunted to make a skyscraper because France had made the Eiffel tower and  many rich companies , such as Chrysler wanted to catch up with France. The Empire State Building was the last skyscraper built with the olden-day style technology.  The project took 16 million dollars.

Volume = l•w•h

Volume = 424•187•1368 = 108,465,984 ft

Surface Area = lw + 2wh + 2lh

Surface Area = (424)(187)+2(187•1368)+2(424•1368) = 1,750,984 ft²

Fun Facts:

    - How much water would it take to fill the Empire State Building?

   7.84 gal = 1ft 108,465,984•7.84 = 811,325,560 gallons of water fit in the Empire State building.

   - How many King Kong would it take to get to the top of the roof of the  Empire State Building?

King Kong is 50 ft tall = 1368÷50 = 27 King Kong's

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