16 Things All Girls With Over Protective Parents Know to Be True

Over-protective parents are trying to do the right thing. They just want you to live a life free of any pain, struggle, or mistakes! (That’s doable, right?) However, some parents don’t realize that making occasional wrong decisions actually can help kids learn and grow stronger.

Parents’ love of rules and regulations can give us serious cabin fever. Kids need a little room to breath! Not being able to make any of your own decisions can send any sane child into an angry rage-filled tantrum. If you are blessed with helicopter parents, you’re going to relate to these struggles:

1. You can’t have a discussion with your parents on changing things. The rules are the rules.

2. You are forced to become a good liar. . .

3. And you get very creative in your deceit.

4. They try to scare you about boys. . .

5. And they’ll never like anyone you are dating.

6. Don’t even THINK about co-ed sleepovers.

7. Your parents are constantly checking in with you while you’re out.

8. Your curfew is the earliest of all your friends. . .

9. So you take a really, really long time to say goodbye.

10. Sometimes your friends don’t invite you out because YOU CAN’T GO ANYWAYS.

11. Your friends are actually pretty scared of your parents.

12. It makes sense that you feel a sense of relief when your parents are out of the house.

13. You feel a lot of pressure to be perfect.

14. Which will inevitably lead you to having a breakdown. . .

15. And cause you to rebel against all of their rules.

16. But, hey, at least they care!

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