Juan E. Maldonado

The fungi are known to cause many different diseases in plants, animals, as well as humans. Athlete's foot and ringworm are some of the commonly observed problems caused by fungi. Some of the diseases in plants caused by fungi include stem rots, leaf rots, smuts, and rusts. Mycosis is the term for fungal infection in animals including humans. The mycoses are categorized into superficial, cutaneous, subcutaneous, and systemic. Puffball fungi are known for their medicinal use. These organisms have also been given religious importance in the culture of North American native Indians. Members of a native American tribe called Blackfoot believed that puffballs were fallen stars, and they fell on the Earth during a supernatural event.Red squirrels gather and store dried fungi in trees and eat them in the winter season. Such kind of dried fungi are gathered in huge numbers by squirrels.There are more than 60 species of fungi which exhibit the phenomenon of bioluminescence; in this phenomenon, light is emitted from the bodies of fungi. Such kind of light is also known as "cold light."

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