Margaret Thatcher: The toughest politician to occupy 10 downing street

Rise to Power

It all began with just running for a Dartford Parliamentary seat. She tried twice and lost both times. After taking only a year-long break from politics, she wins a seat in the house of commons representing Finchley. Soon after that, she was appointed parliamentary undersecretary in 1961. Because of her position, when the labor party assumed control of the government, making her a member of the shadow cabinet. A shadow cabinet was a group of people that would come into government positions if the conservatives ever gained control. After that she was appointed secretary of education and science. After the conservatives lost and gained power again, she was voted the leader of the conservative party. Because of Britain's economical and political mess, the conservatives once again rose and this made Margaret the first female prime minister.

Type of government

Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister of a parliamentary monarchy. This means that there is a king/queen but they aren't really involved in the government. The government is made up of a cabinet and a Prime minister is chosen from the cabinet.

Foreign policy

Margaret Thatcher was most famous for her her domestic policy but she is also known for her foreign policies also. She usually helped her political friends. For instance, she helped us stare down the Soviet Union and end the cold war. But, she was also involved in the South African situation going on at the time. She supported the South African apartheid state while going against the same thing. There is also rumor of her government giving arms to Saddam Hussein and giving technical support to the Khmer Rouge.

This article is about some of the great things that Margaret Thatcher contributed to the United Kingdom in her time as Prime Minister.

Some of the domestic priorities of Margaret Thatcher included reforming the welfare state, introducing competition between healthcare and education providers,  and she also tried to help with the "European Problem."

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