Egypt's Rise Against Government

By: Domenika Reusche


        Egypt has created an uprising against President Hosni Mubarak after the government deliberately announced they were creating a constitution that would allow the president ultimate power. Protesters would occupy plazas, have riots and multiple acts of civil disobedience. This is effective because the majority of the population, about 79%, wanted the departure of Mubarak. Although the people would act unviolently, many police would respond with violence causing around 600 deaths of protestors.

       There were many political and legal issues that have been placed in the Egyptian culture for example; police bruality lack of free elections, food prices rising, electorial fraud, an increase of unenployment, etc. Police bruality has been denied from Mubarak regime even though the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights has documented over 30 cases of torture since 2009. As citizens, they began to use media to overpower and capture these physical absues and send awareness around the world. For the past 30 years of Mubarak's rule, elections have been rigged by him being the only president running and imprisoning his only canidate in the elections of 2005. Egyptian life has been relatively poor due to high unemployment rates. A worker would run on $2.00 a day with an average GDP per capita of $6,600.

        Western nations grew concern as well as international awareness throug media such as facebook, twitter, and youtube. Obama stated that the future of Egypt is made from the people and therefore should have universal rights. One of the White House spokemen posted on twitter to express concern about the unnecessary violence being shown in Egypt. NASA allowed a name of a woman who was beaten to death their name on a spacecraft heading to space as a sign that dreams can stretch more than earth into the infinite space.

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