What you should know about Star Trek...

Basic Introduction:

Star Trek is placed in the future where humans have created Starships that can travel around space. They meet many aliens and made allies and enemies. The Starfleet was created to help defend Earth and travel into deep space. The Starfleet is an agency charted by the United Federation of Planets (UFP).  


Each ship has a certain legacy of Captains, lieutenants, crew members, and ensigns. They are all equipped with shields, lasers, gravity controls, life support, teleportation, torpedos, communications, and many many more things. The ships are meant for space travel and they can withstand stars for some time. Each ship is unique in its own way. There are, at least, 20 types or classes of Starships. Each of these classes are weaker or stronger, depending on how you look at it.  

The Crew of U.S.S. Enterprise A 1701:

Far Left: Captain James T. Kirk

Left: Scotty

Middle: Leonard McCoy "Bones"

Right: Hikaru Sulu

Far Right: Nyota Uhura

Don't Forget the Guy Below