Sea turtles are endangered species on the edge of extinction.

They are poached for their eggs, meat, and shells.

Help and support STC!
Mission statement: To conserve and recover sa turtle populations through research, education, advocacy, and protection.

What are threats to sea turtles?

Threats to the endangered species is water pollution, marine debris, coastal development, poaching, and entanglement in fishing gear. But not only those threaten the sea turtles, there is illegal trade selling turtle meat, shells, and eggs.

This creates a catastrophe for sea turtles and their decreasing population. But STC conserves the sea turtle population through research. Their founder, Dr. Archie Carr was a sea turtle researcher and wanted to protect the creatures.

What are things to support STC?
To support them, recycle your old phone to Secodwave and a portion of the money goes to  STC. Purchase a special sea turtle license plate and/ or host a 'Sea Turtle House Party'.
They are based at 4424 NW 13th St., suite B-11 Gainesville, FL 32609 or at

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