Or España in spanish

The flag of Spain

Background information:

  • The capital of Spain is Madrid
  • In Spain they use the metric system
  • Spain uses euros much like other countries in Europe

What cultures influenced Spain?
The Phoenicians, who were the first, then came the Celts, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Jews, Germanic people, and Northern Africans. These groups are mixed with each other other and formed the ancestry of modern-day Spaniards.(Cazorla-Sánchez)

Greek letters

What is the significance of the Running of the bulls?
The festival honors a Roman Bishop named Firmin, or Saint Fermín in Spanish, and is called San Fermín. The running usually lasts anywhere between 2 to 4 minutes. The people running in the way of the bulls risk getting gored or trampled, and the bulls can trip and also get injured.(Wilhelmsen)

The festival San Fermín

What kind of government does Spain have?
Spain has a Parliamentary  monarchy. It is a form of a democracy. The king symbolizes unity. Spain has a king, Prime Minister, an members of a cabinet and Parliament. (Cazorla-Sánchez,Timothy L. Gall, Susan Bevan Gall)

King of Spain


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