Principles of Art

By: Valerie Basden.    #slaytonart2

Principles of art that have been identified are; unity, balance, movement/rhythm, emphasis, contrast, and pattern.

Balance- CD Weaving

Balance is a way of combining elements to add feeling of equilibrium or stability to a work of art. Major types are symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Unity- Ribbon Group Drawing

Unity is achieved when the components of a work of art are perceived as harmonious, giving the work a sense of completion.

Contrast- Wildlife Drawing

Contrast is a way of combining elements to stress the difference between those elements.

Emphasis- Emphasis Drawing

Emphasis refers to the created center of interest, the place in an artwork where your eyes first land.

Pattern- "Sometimes I Get Bored"

Pattern is an underlying structure that organizes surfaces or structures in a constant, regular manner.

Rhythm/Movement- Marble in Motion

Rythm or Movement refers to the suggestion of motion through the use of various elements.

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2 years ago

You have such a great imagination to recycle your white girl cups.

2 years ago

Your emphasis drawing is my favorite on this page. I like how the stepping stones represent mile stones in your life now and in the future.