The Real Superheroes: MOMS

                 How Our MOM's See It


                                 What Does It Mean to be a Single, Working MOM?

          If I asked you who your favorite superhero was what would you say? Let me guess; Superman, Batman, Spiderman... Here's mine, It's a simple three letter word. MOM. Kids owe so much to their parents, but MOM may be the most important.

          "I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be." (Munsch.)  This is the philosophy of a great MOTHER. From the time of their birth they have a special kind of bond with their kids. Maybe it's their never-ending and unconditional love.  Or, maybe it's the fact that they are willing to sacrifice and do everything for their loved ones. Each day they work hard to earn money to pay the bills and feed their children. It becomes especially difficult when they are unwed due to the single income in the home. Occasionally, parents must turn to the government for funds for things like medical care, food, and childcare. Additionally, women commonly have a harder time finding jobs than men and very often earn a substantially smaller salary. Pertaining to the issue of economic justice, Catherine Hill P.h.D states that "In 2013 among full-time, and year round workers, women were paid seventy-eight percent of what men were paid."  Working is necessary to provide for their children so they  accept the lower wages. Regardless of the challenges MOTHERS are always willing to step up to the plate.These are just a few examples of their endless superhero-like qualities; willingness to sacrifice anything for the ones they love.

                 How Her Kids See It

   What about their children? How does this change in family dynamic affect them? Single-parent households can affect several aspects of a child's academic and social life. According to Sara Mclanahan of the American Prospect; "Children who are raised in single income households are twice as likely to drop out of high school, 2.5 times as likely to become teen mothers, and 1.4 times as likely to be idle -- out of school and out of work -- as children who grow up with both parents." This may not be the case in all single income households (some are very successful), but kids who grow up in these situations are likely to encounter more challenges in their school lives.

        In the words of the Queen Bey "Who run the world? Girls!" In particular MOMS. We sometimes wish for a superhero to come and save us when our lives get tough. What we may not realize is that we already have them. MOMS

           Who Runs the World? Girls!

         Check out this song.  Who better for the job than a strong, empowered mother to                                      convince you of my message. You know her, you love her...                                                              Queen Bey supports this cause, you should too!      


      What do you think about this? What other gender double standards have you noticed lately? Do you think it's possible to be an effective single parent? Can single parenting be harmful to the child?

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