How Digital Signage Has Evolved In The Retail Industry

Digital menu boards are no longer simple LCD screen replacements for posters. Today these have turned into core components of sound retail strategizing. Innovative retailers have today linked together web, television, billboard, and print messaging have gone for the creation of strong presence in the social media. Effective mobile solution is another in-thing these days. Now, the focus is on building an in-store digital experience that further drives digital signage evolution.

Even 5 years ago, people used to think that presence of online business as is sounding the death knell of traditional shops and markets. Now, it has been proved that it is not going to happen any time soon. While growth of Internet shopping is quite rapid, one cannot deny the high value of in-store positive experiences.

How digital signage has changed?

While early signs used to focus on delivery of information, developing technology quickly turned it interactive. Quick updates of these signs in keeping with the variables as hour of the day along with customization possibilities based on specific region or location led to their popularity. The industry focus early on was upon lowering of total ownership costs. With improved prices and interactivity simple signs now became kiosks. Retailers could now give their customers valuable experiences. It is possible to deploy this dynamic option at different stores.

Consumer electronics soon realized the high inherent potential and used them as a tool for engaging customers. Even in-store digital experiences these days engage customers using mobile devices and social media integration. No wonder, it attracts the shoppers to the various retailers.

Building relationships

The only way to build successful and profitable relationships with customers is through effective engagement. One can use the digital menu board effectively for this purpose. Some of the ways to achieve this are as follows.

§ Aisle endless kiosks: As a retailer, you will surely love to show much more products than possible via your available square footage. Now it's possible through presence of endless kiosks across the aisle. Through this, you will give your customers the chance to go through more options and inventory than it is possible to display on show floor.

§ Shelf-edge displays: By using a digital small display mounted upon point of decision allows retailers to create dynamic experiences just when it is extremely crucial. Recent screen innovations especially the presence of electronic paper has opened up new avenues for the retailers.

§ Using Endcaps: Traditionally businesses used endcaps to highlight promotional products. Nowadays, one can use thedigital menu for quick change of focus or for increasing the highlighted product numbers as required.

§ Infotainment: Shoppers have to wait at various places such as at the pharmacies, customer counters, bakeries, photo processing, or optical departments. Influence them at these places with ingenious use of digital boards.

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