For the English Language Learner

Activity to Bridge the Gap

An assignment for the English Language Learner

Use the site LibriVox to find free audio book downloads for a multitude of books. Make sure you have a copy of the book as well. Have all the students listen to an audio book with the text in front of them so they can follow along with the words.  This allows the English Language Learner to see the words at the same time they hear the words. You can slow the pace down so they can easily follow along. In addition to this, give them pictures that represent some of the main ideas and some of the harder words within the text. Have them match the word to the picture as you say it aloud.

Below is a link to the website mentioned above pertaining to the books of Peter Rabbit. This would be an excellent choice to use as the book. The text is easy to find as well.  

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