Cultural Geography

Alyssa Lalmond
Mr.  Lee
April 4th, 2014

All groups are involved. The amount of power a country has depends on the amount of MSU’s they have and whether they have a takeover card or not. Making treaties and persuading other countries or even the majority of your group to sign it is a major thing in this game. The power shifts from country to country. Alliances and deals are made with one another to try and win.  In the beginning of the game the Army and Wealthy had the most MSU’s and power. The US and Army and Wealthy then merged to share the power. The peasants also joined the growing alliance, yet we still share MSU’s, the Army and wealthy allowed them to be under the peasants name under many conditions, but the treaty that kept us all together was destroyed by the guerillas, making the Peasants in complete control. The US then created a treated that gave themselves all the power over everyone and becomes the ruler of Guatemala for eight years.

Cooperation and conflict was a big role in this game. Countries had to cooperate with one another to get things to go their way.  We had to all communicate and work together to make changes. Yet there was also conflict within the game. The guerillas were unhappy with some of the new laws and alliances being made so they became involved and ripped the important treaties.

The US played a role of a being involved in almost everything. In the beginning of the game the Army and Wealthy held the power but as the power shifted it ended up in US hands. The United States participated in all negations.

When the power shifts it can be a positive and negative effect. Having all the power can put targets on your country, but if you have the most power you can make almost any decisions you want.

This activity relates to my school life in many different ways. Students interact with each other even though they may have different friends. Just like in the game how there was different groups, school is like that to. Kids socialize with their group of friends but also talk to some other groups of kids as well. There can be arguments and conflict within those groups of friends or against other people. In school the teachers normally have all the power, students can have a say and cooperate with each other to find a solution. Even Pinkerton as a whole has big conflicts with other schools like sports games (Mack plaque.) This activity really helped me learn how this kind of stuff happens in our daily lives not just around the world.

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