Internet Online Safety
By Lesley Acosta

* Think before you post pictures or mean comments

Before you post a picture think if it is nice and if it appropriate.

* Respect others

If you respect others they might respect you.

* Keep your personal  information private

Someone might get into your account and get you information or ask for it.

* Don't give anyone your passwords not even best friends

Don't share your passwords because they can give it to someone else not even to a bestfriend.

*  Don't meet offline unless you have permission from parents

If you meet offline make sure you know the person or have permission because you don't know who they might be they could kidnap you or kill you.

* If someone is harassing you ignore and if it gets worse, save evidence and show adult

Don't respond to rude or mean messages or it will get worse save evidence and show adult or teacher.

When you are on the online don't talk with people that you don't know. Don't share passwords, private information and adresses.

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