Julissa Cabral

Photography Portfolio

American Angel

I took this picture at the cemetery over by Baylor. I was walking around and found this angel by some American flags and thought it would turn out pretty cool if I took the shot from the back so that  the angel was looking over the flags.

Cloudy Sky

This was taken at the cemetery and I thought it would look nice to get the big clouds in the back.

Texas Bluebonnet

I thought I would get an angle so I could get all the Bluebonnets from the side. I really like the way it focused on the one bluebonnet and the couple pieces of grass. I put a warm filter because I thought it made it look nice.


I took this photo at the Waco Dam out on the trail. The bird was out on a log in the water and I didn't even see it at first, but once I noticed it I had to zoom all the way in and snap the picture. I think it turned out nice.


So I thought it would be really cool to take a close up of this turtle, so I did. The picture came out really good and I like the eyes and texture. I did add in the little dots because I thought they looked cute.

Looking Out

I saw my friends cat looking out the window and took the picture from a higher angle

A Light

Where I go, my dog follows. One day I was doing homework and saw him looking out the big glass door and couldn't resist taking a quick picture. He looked way too dramatic to not capture the moment.

The Tiger

I was with a friend and we decided to go take pictures out in the rain. I shot this from a lower view point and really liked it. The picture itself looked nice, but I added the tiger and grayscaled it as well as added the streaks to make it look more distressed.


It was raining all day, so we took advantage of the sun finally coming out and I took this one because the light looked nice. Pictured is Maya Garcia.

Girl and Nature

This was taken at the arboretum and was done for the portrait project. Pictured is Heather Tallman.

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a year ago

Really love the turtle to the enhance definition and the colorful view and glow to it!!!

a year ago

to me that was the best photo! ^_^